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I wanted to send you a note about your herbal deodorant.  My system is extremely sensitive to chemicals of any kind, especially those found in commercial deodorants found at any local drug store.  After years of using those products, I began develop a severe irritation which then became a bad rash under my arms, which would then become extremely itchy.  It was almost impossible not to scratch the affected area, which only made the symptoms worse, and even more sore.  At times it got so bad the rash would bleed. 
I began to try "natural products" also found in the pharmacy, but after a while even they resulted in the same problem.  Some time ago Erin gave me a jar of your creme to try, and seems yours is the only natural, aluminium free product which I can use.  Since using your product, not once have I developed any kind of rash or irritation.  And I've been using your creme longer than I ever used any of the other "naturals."

I just wanted to thank you for producing a truly superior product; a quality alternative for people such as me who react very badly to chemicals of any kind.  Feel free to use any part of this as a testimonial if you wish. 

-Peter, Edmonton Alberta